Books ~

A Christmas Carol,
    "Gentlemen of the free-and-easy sort…..."
A Christmas Carol,
    "But they didn’t devote the whole evening to music…..."
All the Pretty Horses,
    "In the days to follow the hacendado would come up to the corral..."
American Psycho,
    "Everything failed to subdue me..."
Bring Up the Bodies,
    "Imagine the silence now, in that place which is no-place..."
Bring Up the Bodies,
    "When they leave the church, the last light is vanishing into the sky..."
Bring Up the Bodies,
    "He once thought it himself, that he might die with grief..."
Cloud Atlas,
    "How vulgar, this hankering after immortality, how vain, how false...."
David Copperfield,
    "If I may so ex­press it, I was steeped in Do­ra..."
Empire Falls,
    "Being in high school, Miles had no idea there were girls…..."
    "They look so fine, and young, and wrapped up in each other...."
Gould's Book of Fish,
    "But Art is a punitive sentence, not a birthright…..."
Gould's Book of Fish,
    "Then, perhaps overcome with nostalgia for happier times..."
Gould's Book of Fish,
    "I hoped she did not dislike me, but I was under no illusions that she might remember me in any way fondly..."
Great Expectations,
    "I was disconcerted, for I had broken away without quite seeing where I was going to..."
Gulag Archipelago,
    "If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people…..."
Gulag Archipelago,
    "So what is the answer? How can you stand your ground…..."
Gulag Archipelago,
    "As for the leaflets reporting the creation of the ROA…..."
Gulag Archipelago,
    "And how can you bring it home to them? By an inspiration?..."
Hard times,
    "In truth, Mrs. Gradgrind’s stock of facts in general was woefully defective…..."
Hard Times,
    "‘My dear Bounderby,’ Mr. Gradgrind began in reply...."
Hard Times,
    "It was but a hurried parting in a common street..."
Joseph Anton,
    "Looking back on those incidents, he was always appalled by the memory of his passivity..."
Killed at Resaca,
    "On foot, from necessity or in deference to his dismounted commander or associates..."
Life is Elsewhere,
    "Revolution and youth are closely allied..."
Life is Elsewhere,
    "The old scholar was watching the noisy young people..."
Life is Elsewhere,
    "Lyrical poetry is a realm in which any statement immediately becomes truth..."
    "Sometimes… Come on, how often exactly, Bert?..."
    "He ran as he’d never run before, with neither hope nor despair...."
May We Be Forgiven,
    "In the hospital men’s room, as I’m washing my hands..."
Norwegian Wood,
    "On Saturday nights I would sit by the phone in the lobby…..."
    "She would never know, because he would never tell her...."
Seven Pillars of Wisdom,
    "All men dream, but not equally...."
Something to Tell You,
    "Later, on my walk, I wondered why I felt I had to be suspicious of ‘normality’...."
    "He buried her beside her husband..."
The Boarded Widow,
    "He stood over the body in the fading light, adjusting the hair and putting the finishing touches to the simple toilet..."
The Corrections,
    "Each failed overture of peace made the next overture less likely to succeed...."
The Corrections,
    "He let the phone slip from his hand and lay crying for a while, silently, shaking the cheap bed..."
The Luminaries,
    "A secret always has a strengthening effect upon a newborn friendship..."
The Luminaries,
    "For although a man is judged by his actions..."
The Magus,
    "Like all men not really up to their job, he was a stickler for externals…..."
The Magus,
    "I knew that on the island one was driven back into the past..."
The Magus,
    "What was I after all? Near enough what Conchis had had me told: nothing but the net sum of countless wrong turnings..."
The Possibility of an Island,
    "Your only chance of survival, if you are sincerely smitten, lies in hiding this fact from the woman you love..."
The Possibility of an Island,
    "During the first part of your life, you only become of happiness once you have lost it..."
The Sea,
    "Happiness was different in childhood…..."
The Tailor of Panama,
    "The embassy’s door was of bulletproof steel lined with a veneer of English oak...."
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet,
    "Act, implores the Ghost of Future Regret.I shan’t give you another chance...."
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet,
    "The ship rolls and her timbers creak like a barn in a gale...."
Then We Came to the End,
    "The point was we took this shit very seriously..."
To Rise at a Decent Hour,
    "But just as I didn’t want to resent my kids..."
War And Peace,
    "He could find no answer, except life’s usual answer…..."
Wolf Border,
    "Were you in love with her?..."
Wolf Hall,
    "All Hallows Day: grief comes in waves…..."
Wolf Hall,
    "When a woman withdraws to give birth the sun may be shining..."
Wolf Hall,
    "Sometimes, when Chapuys has finished digging up Walter’s bones..."
Wolf Hall,
    "Christ, he thinks, by my age I ought to know..."